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Thursday, June 01, 2006

The New AT & T/SBC

I don't like the new AT&T/SBC. Every month I have had to call for some type of bill adjustment since August 2005. Every month! They couldn't get high speed Internet working in my house properly until April 2006. I told them for four months before that what the problem was. The problem was a bad card at the box down the street.

Every call starts the same for help to them. You get the automated woman or man depending on which number you call. After about seven minutes of the automated person, you get switched to Rahul Mohammed Lincoln but he is going by the name of Chris for the simplicity of the call.

"Chris" can't help you much, but he always thanks you for choosing the new AT&T/SBC. I had technicians out to the house at least three times a month from August 2005 through April 2006. None of them did any good either until I got into it with a technician and told him one more time there is a problem at the box outside the house. The technician found a bad card. He replaced the card and I have been fine ever since.

The problem is still the bill. I got a shut off notice from AT&T/SBC because of the house calls by the technician. If the problem is in the house you pay for it. If the problem is outside of the house, AT&T pays for it. My problem was clearly outside and AT&T still billed me. After several phone calls, the billing department determined I should not have been billed for the service call. I was instructed to deduct the service calls from the bill and pay the rest. I did that. Then the shut off notice came.

So here it is June 1st. I got DSL last August and I am still fighting with AT&T/SBC over service and billing.


  • I bet you the service guy entered the call into the computer the wrong way, or they thought you would not complain and just pay the bill.

    I used to work at a (semi) upscale hotel and if you opened the snack bar in your room and just took something out to look at it, the computer would charge you.


    By Blogger zipdisk40, at 1:11 PM  

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